Town Officers and Barre Vermont Families

Town Officers From 1870 To 1880

By C. Holden, Town Clerk


Wm. E. Whitcomb, 1870
Wm. A. Boyce, 1872
Eli Holden, 1874
Jacob S. Spaulding, 1876
J. Henry Jackson, 1878
Henry Priest, 1880

Town Clerks

Carlos Carpenter, 1871
Clark Holden, 1872-1881, present Town Clerk

First Selectmen

W. C. White, 1871, '73, '74, '75
Augustus Claflin, 1872, '79, '80, '81
Ira P. Harrington, 1876, '77, '78


N. F. Averill, 1871 , '72, '73
G. I. Jackson, 1874, '75, '76
Carlos Carpenter, 1877
L. W. Scott, 1878, '79, '80
Chas. L. Currier, 1881

Short Biographies

Carleton Family

Rev. Hiram Carleton, born in Barre, July 18, 1811; graduated at Middlebury College in 1833; was a teacher in Shoreham, 1833-34; studied at Andover Theological Seminary 1834-37; pastor of the Congressional Church in Stowe in 1818. He has published an Analysis of the 24th chapter of Matthew. Pierson's Catalogue of Middlebury College.

Hiram Carleton was the seventh son of Jeremiah and Deborah Carleton, early settlers in this town; his father, Jeremiah Carleton, died September 3, 1844, and his mother March 18, 1843. He has living in town at this time (1881), two brothers, Jeremiah Carleton, 2nd, born August 16, 1799; David Carleton, born September 2, 1809. The former, Jeremiah 2nd, is father of Rev. Marcus M. Carleton, a missionary of the Presbyterian Board, in Umballah, India; the latter, David, is father of Hiram Carleton, Esq., now of Montpelier.

There were 10 children, I think, in the old family. The Carleton's are a family of more than average ability; with some marked peculiarities, but men of character. Rev. Hiram Carleton, D. D., is now Rector of an Episcopal church in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Rev. Marcus Carleton of Umballah married Calista Bradford, daughter of Rodney Bradford of this place. Some ten or twelve years since she came unattended from India via. San Francisco, arriving here in the spring of 1869, with 5 children, the eldest hardly in his teens, the youngest a mere babe. Her two eldest boys fitted for college in the Academy here; entered Amherst College, (their father's alma mater.) and graduated there; the eldest has since graduated in medicine from the College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York; is with his mother; his sisters, now grown to accomplished young ladies, are soon to return to India; the 2nd son has a position in the Public Library in New York.

William Clark

William Clark, son of Dea. Francis Clark, Senior, graduated at Dartmouth about 1840; and at Andover Theological Seminary; was engaged for several years as a teacher in Georgia; for a time settled over the Congressional Church at Orford, New Hampshire; subsequently went under the auspices of the American Board of Foreign Missions to Turkey; was afterwards located at Milan, Italy, both as U. S. Consul and as the head of an educational institution; some time about 1872, returned to America and purchased a home in Newbury, Vt., which he fitted up in a handsome manner, then, for several years, a private boarding school for young ladies, known as "Montebello," was kept up by his wife, (who was a daughter of Nathaniel Farrington, of Walden, Vermont,) and their daughter (an only child) who was a young lady of fine accomplishments. Mr. Clark returned to Europe about 1875 or '76, as the representative of a New York business house, and has since been for the most of the time in Germany. He returned a year or two since for his family, who returned with him, the property at Newbury being disposed of. Mr. Clark is a man of fine presence, a fine scholar, and the master of several languages.

Dr. Socrates Sherman

Native of Barre; a skillful physician; Medical Director of the Department of Virginia during the war; Member of Congress one term, and at the time of his death, postmaster of Ogdensburg; died at the latter place in 1873.

William A. Dodge

Son of Dea. Nathaniel Dodge, graduated at Burlington about the year 1844; studied law; has removed from town.

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Source: The History of Washington County, Vermont Historical Gazetteer, Collated and published by, Abby Maria Hemenway, Montpelier, Vermont, 1882.


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